Think You Have it Tough????….Diabetes at Home; Spouse Serving in the MIlitary….Better Think Again!

Military diabetesI read something today that made my heart skip a little bit and it is worth mentioning.  It is worth us to take the time to remember.  It is worth it to take the time to say; hey….I KNOW EXACTLY what you’re going through with diabetes………but I have no idea what it is like while your partner serves our country.

Those who know me, know how proud I am of those who serve.  In our military abroad and in our emergency services at home.  But today I was reminded that there are a good deal of parents who handle the diabetes in their household while their husband or wife is serving in the military.

Makes you stop for a second doesn’t it.  A bad day?  A tough time?  Now think what it is like while waiting to hear from overseas that a loved one is safe.  Imagine?  I cannot.

I have never once seen a post from a military spouse complaining; why is that?  Never once have I seen a ‘poor me’ post.  I have seen posts of thanks for being supportive but not one that says “I am really getting a raw deal.” 

Not once.

So to all those who have graciously shared their spouse for the welfare of this great country of ours, may I just say ‘THANK YOU”.  And for those who ever need help while their wife or husband is serving abroad…….this diabetes online community stands ready at any time to help you should you need it; just ask.  I promise you, we will help.

We are humbled by your drive to keep things balanced until your loved one returns.  May you be blessed with a peaceful heart (and fairly normal blood sugars) more times than not.


I am a diabetes dad.

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Say It……..Today!

say_somethingDo you have that one friend or one relative that you would be lost without?  You know, the one who ‘gets it’ more than almost everyone else?  The one who is willing to help, give you a break, take you for a drink, allow you and your spouse to get a night out, take the kids away, supports your fund-raising events (not just with money but helps in all aspects), understands your hyper-get-out-of-my-way days, and also just understand your silence sometimes.

If you do not understand my silence, you will never understand my words.

The one who truly just totally ‘gets it’.

Here’s the thing.  When is the last time you told them thanks for everything?  Not just at the end of an event or right after they did something for you; but why not just send them a note or even an email that tells them you were thinking of them (for once) and just wanted them to know you were thinking about them and how much you appreciate them.

We are lost without such friends and support…..why not let them know today?

I am a diabetes dad

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