Thank you Peanuts…..Happy Halloween! A GREAT idea…..still.

To this day, the BEST idea about how to handle Halloween still rests with our friends in Charles Schulz’s character-land of Peanuts.

Agreed.  Your kids can still eat some of the candy even with their diabetes.

Agreed.  There probably is not a time that Halloween did not come and go that our kids did not go low while trick or treating.  That ‘low’ resulted in reaching into the bag of goodies to find the right candy to bring her blood sugar back up.

Agreed. Some of the neighbors good not be sweeter (pun intended) and gave stickers or pencils or crayons or something other than candy.

Agreed. Some of the relatives could use a bop in the nose when they quiz us about Halloween.  “I thought of you today and am so sorry that Little XYZ (put your child’s name here, you know the drill) could not enjoy Halloween—my heavens what will you do?!”   Ah……um……no.

But my favorite idea is still: After you save some of the candy from the trick or treat bag; you take the remainder of the bag and place it outside and while your child sleeps, good ‘ol Linus’ Great Pumpkin will stop by your house and pick up the candy and leave a toy as a thank you.  The Great Pumpkin delivers the candy to everyone in heaven who could not trick or treat.

I have always loved that idea…….and I always will (feel free to tweak the story).

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

I’m a diabetesdad