‘POOF’, A Magic Wand……What Do You Want?

I’m sure that years and years ago someone asked the question, “How do I go through a toll booth and pay without having to stop?”

The question was asked.  And sooner (or later) someone’s great mind figured out exactly how to do it.

Did you ever ask yourself, I need a tool that does ‘such-and-such’?  Why can’t companies invent “XYZ” that will help me in my everyday dealings with diabetes?

Well……….what is that ‘XYZ’ you would like to see?—-inquiring minds want to know?

You do not have to figure out ‘how to do it’–just pose the question.  Remember that I post this in many different places so again, if you could ‘reply’ on this post so all could see, that would be great.

What do you need?

I am a diabetesdad.