It’s Your Fault Diabetes is in the House.

faultWhy did this happen?  Did you ever ask yourself that question (or in my case, what day have I not asked that question)?

“Well you know Tom, when God closes a door, he opens a window.”  What?
“Well you know Tom, God will never give you more than you can handle.”  The person who told me that inherited a fortune, has perfectly healthy kids, and has not had to work in the last 5 years.  I do not begrudge the fact but certainly easier for him to say that phrase than I.

I’m tired of being tested by fire on a daily basis.  I’m tired of observing others’ lives to show me that I really do not have it so bad.  But why do any of us have to deal with any of this?

I want someone to blame.  Or at least, something (fate, life, or whatever) to blame as if by doing so that will make anything easier.  As if it will make diabetes more palatable if I can pinpoint the reason it’s here.

Want to cause a riot in your house, try this.  “Honey I went through the genetics on both sides of our families and it seems our child’s diabetes comes from your side.” 

Let me know how that goes.  I haven’t done it but I know someone who did.   I’m not saying it started at that point, but they are now divorced.

So we can waste much time on the why or the how…..or we can move forward.  It is a choice we have to make.  I choose every single day to move forward.  I work toward trying to change something or build something every day.  If I spend my day to just “Not do Nothing” than my mind can stay fully busy and I do not have time to ask myself why. 

I don’t have time to think of ‘the why’ so I choose my time to try to make a difference….and in the long run…..that will help my two kids with diabetes so much more than feeling sorry for myself?

Why did diabetes come into your life?  Let us know.

I am a Diabetes Dad