T.G.I.F. Thanking Great Individuals Forever—They are Just Like You and Me….But….

They are just like you and me.  Many are parents to children with diabetes;  many have diabetes; many know someone with diabetes.

They give countless hours of their time offering advice and ‘running the show’ in every corner of the United States. 

They volunteer their time.  They attend meetings, they reach out to the community for help, they write checks, they organize events, they serve as steering committees, they enlist the help of their financially-able friends; they enlist the help of others who can advocate; they make sure everything runs as it should run and they do it on their own time.

They are all those who serve on Board of Directors for diabetes organziations both nationally and locally.  If you are active in a non-profit organization whether it be for research, treatement, camps, scholarships, overseas relief, hospitals, and any other field  of diabetes nonprofit work you can think of….know this: There is a Board of Directors involved as well who do so much more than any one particular event.

Send them a copy of this link and tell them ‘Thank You’ because everything you work on so diligently started on a piece of paper someplace and the Board of Directors probably approved of it long before it became something you supported as a reality.

So take a bow all of you members of the Board across the country, you are Diabetesdad’s T.G.I.F….and thank you.

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