Is this YOUR Prayer too? Hey God, it’s me again……


Hey God, it’s me again.

I know we haven’t talked too much lately.  I’m still a tad angry.  The first child diagnosed with diabetes was heartbreaking, the second was just shattering.

I’m also unsure how many of my friends who lost a child  due to diabetes can even function.  I’m told you have a plan for all of this.  People, those with more faith than me, tell me there is a reason for everything.  You are divine. You have a plan.

When my second child was diagnosed and some told me how lucky I was because “God trusted me with a second child with diabetes”…..well it didn’t help.  It made me angrier at you, but you know that don’t you?

But I am not here today to gripe or complain.  I’m sure we will get on track again.  I do live by; “There by the grace of God go I”; and even the best of friends can get angry at each other from time to time……no?  But I have a question for you and if you could find a way to answer, I would appreciate it.

You see I am leaving for the UK next week and I hope to meet many new friends as I speak to parents at the Children with Diabetes FFL UK.  But it got me to thinking.  This diabetes ‘thing’, well it’s worldwide isn’t it?  I mean parents in the UK, and in China, and  across the globe–well if we parents are all praying and hoping for a cure…….and we are all around the world……….well you are hearing us……………right?

Thanks God, amen.

I’m a diabetes dad

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