Brothers and Sisters…..Don’t Forget Them.

Each and every year we read about all of the different days that are or should be attached to diabetes.  you know them and if I list them, I’ll forget one.  They all have a purpose.

Won’t you agree that there is a group of kids who are amazing when it comes to diabetes and they do not have a special day in their honor; they just are–they continue to be what they never asked for either; a sibling to a child with diabetes.  How unfair is it for them as well?

Now I am not really asking for a special day for these incredible kids; they probably would not want it either.  But why not pick a day each week just to make sure you do something special for the brother or sister of your child with diabetes.

No matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we look; it is a given fact that at some point we have pushed aside a siblings wants to take care of our child with diabetes.  Make sure you do something special today, or at least this week, for your child/children without diabetes.  DOn’t give them a reason or you will, in essence, still be doing it for diabetes in their mind.  Just DO something nice for them.

None of us ‘signed up for this’ but being special, which they are, should be re-enforced constantly.

I am a diabetesdad.  

(PS–pictured is not of my kids; in case you were wondering)

PPS—this was told to me late Tuesday afternoon (about 6:00 pm est).  Apparently there is a Diabetes sibling day……. like their FB page.


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