Today is Giving Tuesday…..Did You Know That????? 3 GREAT Ways to Help.

Do you know what today is????

You had black friday; you had cyber Monday—-well now that you saved all that money–welcome to Giving Tuesday.  That is correct… is the day to show your support to the charity of your choice.

Now I have a few suggestions for you (well you know that was coming) just in case you are at a loss.

1. You can go to and donate to either send a personalized letter from Santa to a child you know or even to just give a donation…’ll feel good about it.  All money supports the fabulous work of the Diabetes Research Institute….whatever you give will help.








2. Go to and order a Keep Calm and Cure Diabetes t-shirt……very, very cool.





3. Send an e-Card—very nice way to show you care.




So all of these great ways to help find a cure for diabetes and also to give on this day of Giving Tuesday….Thanks for caring.  You’ll feel good–even if it is just a little, everything helps.

I am a Diabetesdad


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