Today is THE LAST DAY to Get a Letter from Santa……Your Kids will LOVE IT!!!!!!

Santa wants youTIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THIS, THE FIFTH YEAR!!!!!!–get your child’s personal letter from Santa today–last day is midnight tonight….and help fund diabetes research at the DRI.
For details click the link below:

“She got her letter today-it was absolutely fabulous!! SUPER impressed with all of the details and the fact that you guys talked about her YouTube T1 Diva videos! J LOVE IT!!!!!”

It must be done by midnight tonight (Tuesday).

I am a diabetes dad.

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How Would you like Santa to Send a Letter to your Child, Grandchild, or Relative???–a Real Holiday Treat Fundraising Event.

Santas post officeSo many kids are writing letters to Santa…….welllllllllll….what if Santa wrote them back?  That’s right, Santa will write a letter to your child on beautiful Christmas letterhead that will be very personal.

Perhaps mentioning their teacher by name, or your pet by name, letting children know how proud Santa is in the way they are taking care of their diabetes, or even how proud Santa is of a brother or sister helping out; whatever you would like—Santa will do.

It is the perfect gift that children will remember forever and we are hearing from all over the country how well these letters are being received.  Santa’s elves, who know what it is like to have a child with diabetes, are already helping Santa and volunteering their time.

Here is the best part—-you will be helping to fund the Diabetes Research Institute when you make a donation. 

Kids from  previous years holding letters from Santa.And

If you know of no one who could use a letter from Santa, why not make a donation anyway—-you’ll feel good being part of making a difference.

Go to today.   Ho-ho-ho.

I am a diabetesdad.

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Today is Giving Tuesday…..Did You Know That????? 3 GREAT Ways to Help.

Do you know what today is????

You had black friday; you had cyber Monday—-well now that you saved all that money–welcome to Giving Tuesday.  That is correct… is the day to show your support to the charity of your choice.

Now I have a few suggestions for you (well you know that was coming) just in case you are at a loss.

1. You can go to and donate to either send a personalized letter from Santa to a child you know or even to just give a donation…’ll feel good about it.  All money supports the fabulous work of the Diabetes Research Institute….whatever you give will help.








2. Go to and order a Keep Calm and Cure Diabetes t-shirt……very, very cool.





3. Send an e-Card—very nice way to show you care.




So all of these great ways to help find a cure for diabetes and also to give on this day of Giving Tuesday….Thanks for caring.  You’ll feel good–even if it is just a little, everything helps.

I am a Diabetesdad