Death Too Soon…..We Can All Help……Even a Little

Take a good look at the photograph.  A father and a daughter; the bond of which love is universally understood.  They are at a charity fund-raiser to find a cure for the little girl.  Her name is Megan and her father worked tirelessly to help raise funds to find a cure.  Interestingly enough, it would be a cure for him also because he too had Type 1 diabetes.  But daddies do not do for themselves, they do for their children. 

Imagine that bond.  Even tighter if ever there could be one.  Both having Type 1 diabetes.

Her face is absolutely priceless, she is just gorgeous.  Would you not agree?

In an almost instant Megan, and her family’s life would change…….unfortunately forever.

From my good friend and super-dad Tim Brand who wrote:
I remember seeing another sad post about someone passing away in the diabetes community, but this hit close to home. Another d-dad passing away at too young of an age. Another family lost their hero, kids lost their father, a wife and mother left to grieve, left to wonder about her family. So much does not make sense as to why a man of 42 suddenly dies. Makes less sense when its a d-dad who is the primary bread-winner. That leaves the wife and mother left to wonder about tomorrow. The Doss family has been left to wonder and they need our help.

Brian Doss was a super-hero dad.

And it is our help we will give Tim.  Look I know everyone has their hand out at his time of the year but if we cannot come together to help one of our own…..where does that leave us?  Imagine if 1000 people just gave only $10.  Just ask yourself one question: Can I give just a little bit…….a little bit…..and do it! 

I have said 1000 a times, any writings I do must come down to us ‘not doing nothing’ and if ever there is a chance to help someone……I must make that attempt, we must make that attempt.  There by the grace of God, go all of us.

Go without that beer or pack of cigarettes this week.  This family is devastated.  So many times we give to great places and organizations—-this is a direct hit on a family we know and we care about.  Search your heart….and give something…..anything.

You will feel good about helping one of our own.  Losing a super-hero-dad is crushing.  By all accounts, Brian was a super-hero-dad.   Let’s show Mary Ellen, his wife, and his children that we do care, and will care.  

Their hero was taken and can never be replaced.  At least let’s try to give them some financial relief……….imagine the holidays without your hero! 

Go here: ……..take a final look at that picture…….do it because Megan’s daddy would have most undoubtedly have done it for you.

Thank you.

I am a diabetesdad.

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for posting about Brian and his family. Brian was my best friend, and while we live far away, it didn’t matter, our families grew very close over the years, brought together by a common disease, Type 1. There was not a day that went by that I didn’t talk to Brian (Big Doss as I called him), and I miss him so much. Brian was like a big brother to me, an uncle to my kids, and is so hard to believe that he is not here anymore. I started the fundraiser for his wife, Mary Ellen, and their kids, Megan and Zachary. They really need as much help as they can get. Brian’s income was the only income and he held the insurance. Imagine losing your husband, your world, and just 30 days later losing your health insurance that pays for you and your children’s medical needs. Brian was a very simple man and always worked hard for what he had. I know he would never even consider asking for help for himself but was always willing to help out someone else in need. He was the type of person that would give his shirt off his back for you, even if it were his only shirt. So I am asking, for him, because he can’t. Please help in any way you can. And if you are not in a position to make a donation, please at least pass his story and the information on the fundraiser on. I thank you again from the bottom of my heavy heart.

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