Sunday dHero….Santa’s Elves………WHAT!!!!!!

WHAT!!!!  Have I lost my mind?????   Santa’s Elves as Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero??????

Well perhaps, but these are special elves with a special mission and they are here for your children.  They are those incredible volunteers working with Santa to send a personal letter to your child for the holidays.

Those letters will even mention how well your child os doing working with mom and dad managing their diabetes; or perhaps they are the brother or sister of someone with diabetes.   Perhaps your kids are getting something special for the holidays or are doing something fabulous in school—-whatever it is, Santa will write it personally to your child.

At the same time you will be helping to find a cure for diabetes by supporting the Diabetes Research Institute.  Dedicated to curing type one diabetes, the DRI wants to turn out the lights forever because the cure is found. 

Go to for all the details.
ONLY 14 DAYS are left.  SO get there today.
And if you do not need a Santa letter, the elves would appreciate a donation as well, what a Christmas present that will be when someday we can say there is a cure for diabetes.  Every little bit helps.

So all of you GREAT VOLUNTEERS helping Santa–you’re Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero….take a bow.

I am a diabetesdad.





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