I Miss Diabetes…Don’t You?

I have always used this phrase I made up.  When something was in vogue, or was in the forefront of media attention, I would say the particular item/event was the ‘SoHo’ thing of the week.  Meaning it was the place to be as much as art is when unveiled in the ‘SoHo’ section of New York City.  The place to be; the ‘thing talked about’.

Do you remember the last election.  No not that one, the one before; in 2008.  Due to the nature of the debate around stem cell research, the very mention of the topic led almost immediately to diabetes.  Remember?

Now I am not going to get into a debate about the nature of stem cell research but I do want to ask the question, “What happened to diabetes?” 

A man and woman are driving in the car.  Married for over forty years,  The wife says,”Honey do you remember when we were first dating and first married.  We would snuggle while we were driving and you would have your arm around me…….we don’t do that anymore; why?”  To which the husband responds, “I don’t know honey, I never moved.”

Diabetes never moved.  It is still here and it is still in our lives; yet we hear very little of it in the news these days and if/when it is in the news the information almost always is incorrect. 

The problem with this is that if it is mentioned very little, that means it is also not in the view of anyone who can make a difference in the world of diabetes.  I think it’s time for us to create some noise again.  There are a ton of important issues in this world, if our voices are not heard, our issues will be buried in the back of the room.  We need to be heard again.

Let’s move to the front a little more, let’s make some noise about what is important to us; what to you say?

I am a diabetesdad


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