An Opportunity Lost……Let’s All Learn from It!!!!!!

Blew itMY MY MY……one of my joys of being part of many aspects within our diabetes community, is that I receive and see notices from everyone.  Recently, different organizations touting the 2 much needed-to-be-funded-government  programs, the Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research at NIH and the Special Diabetes Program for Indians at the Indian Health Service, represent a significant proportion of the federal government’s commitment to stop the diabetes epidemic that engulfs 26 million Americans with diabetes and threatens 79 million more with prediabetes, were passed by the Senate.

To be completely fair, I am sure many organizations and individuals worked tirelessly on the advocacy efforts in this endeavor.

Someone should say thank you.  So to that end, I say THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who played a role as part of an organization or individually; this legislation is crucial and passing the Senate is a ‘big deal’.  Your tireless efforts writing letters and passing on strong initiatives via the social media worked, and worked well.  Thank you to everyone who played a role as big or as small to accomplish the goal. 
                                   —-with heartfelt thanks, Diabetesdad

Now on to the House where it needs to be passed as well.

But a question remains:  Would we as a diabetes community have been better served; if diabetes organizations had stated something like; “We are so please to have worked with our colleagues at such and such organization and such and such organization as well as so many individual efforts to have achieved this goal?  Had we not joined together as the diabetes community as an entire entity, we would not have achieved this goal.  Thank you to all who helped, even if we do not mention you by name, we felt your power of spreading the word.  We could not have done this alone, and we didn’t.”

Why could this not been done?  Letters and press releases went out only about the individual effort thanking ‘their members’ only.  This was an error as The Diabetes Community made this happen and not merely a particular ‘anything’.

Had others not ‘passed on the word’ the word would not have been passed.    

I’ll say that again, had others not ‘passed on the word’ the word would not have been passed.

No ‘one-anything’ should be taking all the credit for this effort.  How disappointing this was to see.  I know many organizations (both large and small) as well as many individuals that fought and fought hard to get the word out about this initiative.  This was a perfect opportunity to show the world that we ARE and CAN BE unified as a collective group who care.  Unfortunately that opportunity was lost.

At the end of the day; this type of trying to achieve ALL the credit (and not sharing the credit IS THE SAME THING) does not serve us as well as it could.  No wonder there is not a unified symbol for diabetes indeed.

We need each other.  This is not about EITHER/OR—-learn the word AND.
PLEASE learn the word “AND”.

May we all look at this as a lesson learned how much we need to do and work TOGETHER more closely to make a difference.  The world is indeed watching.  Together we stand, divided we go no where.

I am a diabetesdad.

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Wendy—thank you so much for your ‘frank and direct’ input. It is a shame that this happened to you and I REALLY appreciate you sending your comment. This battle WE ALL FIGHT is about PEOPLE—we lose that—-we have no chance for the war.
Thanks again Wendy.

I have been a member of our local JDRF for over 27 years. At the beginning, we were all in it together. We had a group called POLO–Parents of Little Ones– which organized activities for the kids, fundraisers and advocacy. I went to the black-tie gala and the Walkathon, contributed and still do, along with participation in research.The chapter president was a parent of a T1 and she was great. Everyone was equal, until it became all about the money. Each new board member had to have influence and affluence or you could forget it. Those of us who were middle income bracket were nudged out. Now a new generation has taken over and its even worse. Isn’t this supposed to be about the kids??? Only the kids of the rich people get to go to Washington. If you want to unite, I’m all for it, just don’t discriminate. OK, I’m done.

I too got the letter about going to DC. I got a response that I was not the right choice……but then maybe they read all I do for the DRI. I even told them I could stay with my brother who lives in DC. I wrote to all our legislators and got responses from all. I even got a response from the president…I work hard at advocating but I knew it was because I wasn’t actually a member of their “group”. Oh well…..they lost a very hard working mom who does everything for her son and others with type 1.

That’s what you have to remember is that you are ultimately doing it for your child. Unfortunately, the “group” often treats you like you are not worthy and it makes you lose enthusiasm. Keep plugging.

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