A Meeting……I Should Have Known……We Have Work To Do…….What Say You?

surprisedAstounding. Mind-blowing.  Revealing.  Frustrating.

We have some work to do.  If ever I was reminded of that fact, it was last night.

I belong to a small group in my hometown.  We raise money for local causes surrounding diabetes needs.  In the scheme of things it is significant enough to make a difference to those entities we fund.  Not earth shattering but a difference none-the-less.  We work hard at raising money to help.

So last night we invited hospitals to “pitch us” on a project that had to do with diabetes, kids, and a significant impact in the community.

Here is what I heard.
Not one thing having to do with type 1 education.
Not one thing in helping kids with type 1 in any way.
Not one thing in helping adults with type 1 in any way.
Each proposed dealing with the growing obesity problem leading to type 2 and not one included defining and educating differences between the two largest groups much less the other types of diabetes.
Two referred to the ‘juvenile’ diabetes within their families.

To their credit, they all addressed a growing problem.
To their credit they all agreed to type one initiatives when I mentioned it.

This was a representation of our community health care.

And there it is.

Here is my question……if this is a sample of what is out there, and I do believe it is, what do we do about it?


I look forward to hearing from you on this subject and please reply here at the site and not on the FB page so all can chime in.

I am a diabetes dad.


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This my experience. The second you say diabetes people who should ask one or two assume. Not to mention they treat them the same. Limiting carbs instead of treating carbs. The assuming really is making medical professionals like the word assume says.

I have both in my family (hubby is Type 2 and son is Type 1) and I don’t want either of them to have to deal with D. That being said, my husband can try to work hard and possibly “lose” his and my son HAS NO CHOICE WHAT-SO-FREAKIN-EVER!!!!! They were diagnosed within 6 months of each other the same year, 10 years ago.
More people are being diagnosed as obese and therefore diagnosed with other ailments, such as diabetes(Type 2) and heart disease and so on. This is why Type 2 gets more of the “spotlight”!!!
How do we get the “mainstream” to view the differences, if those in the medical community keep treating them the same???!!


I always love how people, that know, always associate diabetes and obesity. I have been asked more than once by Doctors, after reading my file,” are you sure you have been a diabetic for that many years?” At which I reply yes type 1 does still exist. I am not overweight nor do I look ailing in any way. Pat myself on the back along with my mother and numerous others. The long term effects of diabetes can be debilitating. I always consider it a good day if I can see the sunrise in addition to feeling it. 🙂

Constant battle with the press to get them to insert type 1 or 2 into any articles, news bulletins. Forever emailing them asking them to correct thier info, have sent the very good pack produced by Diabetes UK to our local paper but they still get it wrong. I think we should all pledge to say type 1 when WE talk about d to anyone not in the know (so everyone who doesn’t have a child,partner etc with t1)

I believe that looking at it from a lager scale and not just the type 1 side, hospitals have to use the money they have to help the most people. Type 2 is more prevalent and easier to treat. You can help more people for less money.

There is only so much you can do to help someone with type 1.

Given this I would expect that they would primarily focus on the easier problem. I would expect as cost go up you will see more of this. Is this good for our loved ones that have T1? I would guess not. I think the problem we have is that most people in the medical field know that there is only so much you can do for a T1 patient. You show them how to use insulin, tell them they have to count carbs for the rest of their lives and send them on their way. Changing their diet, more exercise, and other things can not fix the problem.

I guess they way that you fix this problem is to give them something else to do for someone with T1. Show them that there is more out there that they can provide.

My two cents.

Oh Crap! Really, Excuse me but My son was Misdiagnosed by a hospital probable because at the time and age was on the heavy side and going through puberty. Considered type 2 managed it well and finished high school went into college and at the end of 1st symester started showing signs of a cold and flu / heart attack symptoms and was sent home with a antibiotic . I was not there at the hospital but they were told he was type 2 diabetic. Dismissed any problems…. Ok life moved forward but he struggled at college and than decided a 4 year college wouldnt work so transfered to tech school. By Sept 6 months later was in DKA and almost died. Sept 13 he went to the ER with similar issues and given a antibiotic again and sent home. Sept 14 about 6 hours after he was full blown in DKA struggling to breath. We spent 6 years believing he had type 2 and now has Neuropathy and Gastro issues. The hospitals say insurance doesn’t matter with the care you get but that’s bull . After this happening and my son being treated like it was his fault this happened by the hospital I’m P.O D……… He had A1C’s done up untill college and they were all good. We were never taught about what type 1 diabetes was or the difference in symtoms. there is a difference People get it out there. I could of stopped this from happening had I been told its type 1 because I knew a little but they kept saying type 2 so I didn’t register what was happening. He was never tested to figure it out…. NO One should deal with this. I’m greatful the Hospital saved him but they also didnt speak up the 6 months before when he came in with issues. Someone needs to lite a fire under there butts!!!!!!!! thanks for letting me vent:)

If you can use your old contacts Tom, what is needed for awareness is a television show that is popular and features type 1’s in a Real World setting. That or several type 1 stories within many popular tv shows. people need to hear more about us and then start talking. Awareness but it has to be accurate. Tough job but if anyone can get that ball rolling it is you. if you need actors, I;m in and so is my Type 1 son.

The closest we would get was dLife—which was on CNBC every Sunday night for years…..a shame it was never fully supported….it had a good mix of both. Now it is just on-line. Even when we had it—it was not supported.

It is so frustrating to continually hear about Professionals being so clueless. I don’t know if things will ever change unless Type 1 gets a new name and more information about this disease gets out.

Nurse Jackie(tv show) actually has an actor who plays a T1 and is a T1. I read an article about it in a diabetes magazine. I have never seen the show but in the article he shares the same kind of frustrations about T1 and what the tv media portray. At least thats a start

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