A TV Icon, in Her Darkest Time…..Teaches Us All Lesson

Valerie Harper MagI was, and still am a huge fan of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I honestly believe that I saw every episode at least 3 times among the original air dates (1970-1977), reruns, and you tube.

Probably more than any other celebrity, Ms. Moore has made no secret of her T1 Diabetes and her devotion to her diabetes charity, JDRF.  She is a hero in every sense and shape of the word.

Being such a fan of the show, it was a huge thrill the times I met with her and worked with her while at the JDF.  Ms. Moore is (and I admit the point could be discussed)  probably in the top 3 or 5 television icons of all time.  So to have met her was as if the show I adored watching; now had an instant, real, live, connection.

One of my favorite characters in the show was always Rhoda Morgenstern.  Her mix of savvy, shoot-from-the-hip-attitude, New York personality, and fabulous great looks made her an instant favorite for me.

I was at the supermarket yesterday and stopped in my tracks when I saw People Magazine’s front cover.

My heart sank.  “What??!!”

I’ve read the article three times and as much as it broke my heart, Ms.Harper has many things to teach us.  I suggest everyone get a copy of  People Magazine and read this article because no matter what Valerie Harper is facing, she, just as our beloved Rhoda, calls it like it is; and also has a few things to say before her life ends.  Even though her disease has NOTHING to do with diabetes; her advice was very real for me as a father who lives in this diabetes world. 

–Don’t let your fear today rob you of a fun life.
–If you’re not here now, where the hell are you?
–My mom always used to say, “If you can learn from it, than do.  If not, forget about it.  That was yesterday.”
–Life is amazing.  Live it to the fullest.  Stay as long as you can.

WOW!  No words could be truer spoken. My thanks to Ms. Harper, her family, and Johnny Dodd of People Magazine for sharing this story. 

Whether diabetes is in your world or not; this is an article that will touch your very soul.  But to the diabetes community, I share the points from TV’s ‘every woman’ as they should be very valuable to all of us.

Valerie Harper states of her relationship with our diabetes hero, Ms. Moore; “I was so comfortable with Mary”; as we are with you Ms. Harper, even in your darkest time—-you found the time to make us comfortable.  May you have peace during this time and thank  you for the reminder what truly is important.

I am a diabetes dad.

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