Today, A Lot of Kids Party…….Diabetes Takes a Back Seat

Kids PartyOne in New York City and one on Long Island; two of my favorite fund-raising ideas will be taking place.  Or should I say “Fun-raising” ideas.  Hundreds and hundreds of kids will get together today in an absolute mayhem fun house at the DRI‘s Carnival for a Cure and Kids Party for a Cure.

Different than any other event I have seen, these two events center on children having fun and having fun they will do.  Games, food, prizes, a celebrity appearance, and a ton of fun.

Each year I attend these events I come away Carnivalthinking of that line Jeff Hitchcock uses all the time at Children with Diabetes; kids with diabetes are still kids.  And they are and for four hours today kids will be engaged with a mountain of fun and at the same time their parents will have donated to the hope of a cure we all hope for every day.

Almost 1000 people will be attending and enjoying themselves with each other and for a little while diabetes will take a back seat.  And that is a good thing.  

I am a diabetes dad.

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