WaitingThis week is blog week and we, the DOC Bloggers, have all been given a title for each day of the week and asked to write on this topic.the sixth entry into blog week we are asked to address the following title: Be Creative, art work, poem, whatever–submit something creative.


I woke before the alarm.
I was waiting.
Work was waiting.
Diabetes was waiting.

I entered the rooms.
In each their own room.
My kids were waiting.
Blood sugars okay, get moving, breakfast is waiting.

Rush through everything.
Final blood sugar check.
Get moving, bus is waiting.

The same routine. Twenty years now.
Each and every day.
Diabetes sits, waiting.

Much is happening.
Research for a cure,
better management tools.
Tiring sometimes.
We’ll keep waiting.

Sometimes overwhelming.
Sometimes frustrating.
Tired. Of. Waiting.

I am a diabetes dad.

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