WaitingThis week is blog week and we, the DOC Bloggers, have all been given a title for each day of the week and asked to write on this topic.the sixth entry into blog week we are asked to address the following title: Be Creative, art work, poem, whatever–submit something creative.


I woke before the alarm.
I was waiting.
Work was waiting.
Diabetes was waiting.

I entered the rooms.
In each their own room.
My kids were waiting.
Blood sugars okay, get moving, breakfast is waiting.

Rush through everything.
Final blood sugar check.
Get moving, bus is waiting.

The same routine. Twenty years now.
Each and every day.
Diabetes sits, waiting.

Much is happening.
Research for a cure,
better management tools.
Tiring sometimes.
We’ll keep waiting.

Sometimes overwhelming.
Sometimes frustrating.
Tired. Of. Waiting.

I am a diabetes dad.

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A Blue Flame that Should Never Be Lit……Your Input is Requested to Extinguish it.

Blue flame extinguishedI had just read about a 7-year-old child that was diagnosed with diabetes upon their death.  I was livid. 

This just seems so unacceptable to me.  My experiences from hearing prior stories go something like this:
flu-like symptoms take place, it gets worse, trip after trip happens to medical offices/hospitals, no one can figure exact cause, and by time anyone can figure everything out……the individual passes away.   Now I DO NOT know if that is what happened in this case but I am informed the diagnosis was at death.


I am so angry that I decided reading about it and not doing anything about it is just not in my DNA.  Just ‘Don’t do Nothing’ has been written or stated by me a million times.  I reached out to The American Academy of Pediatrics to discuss the matter.

I am in the process of figuring out what we all might do.  Poster campaign, public service campaign, and I am not sure what….but SOMETHING.

I’m not stating that someone or a group is doing anything wrong.  All I am saying is that we should do all WE can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  There are many laws on the books named after people who, upon their death, the families felt a change needed to be made.

In our diabetes community, that law (or action needed) would have an entire list of names. 

You know it was really incidents on playing fields that made the defibulators placed everywhere.  It was death in kids that made a rallying point to become a reality to make defibulators placed everywhere.

I might be wrong, but if a blood test would have revealed something, it needs to be done.  I may be way out of my league, here but something needs to be done, what do you think?

I learned, AGAIN, yesterday that his community can make a difference.  Not merely hundreds, thousands of people, responded trying to help yesterday in an incident now resolved.  When we as a community set our minds to do something we can change the tide.

Once I figure out a course of action, I will let you know.

Are you in?  Do you think that we as a community SHOULD try to do something?  Reply to this blog as I want/need to hear if I am just angry or DO YOU think something can/should be done?  What are your thoughts?

I am a diabetesdad.

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A Personal Announcement…….(if I May be Allowed) :)

I share much with you all and today is purely GREAT news.

I am so happy to announce that our son, TJ, became engaged yesterday to Joelle Wilk, who also lives on Long Island.

It was a completely traditional ‘ask’ as they say.  TJ came to us over the weekend, we cried with happiness; he then went and talked with Joelle’s dad, asking for his blessings (which he got), and he did the whole down-on-one-knee ‘thing’ on Thanksgiving Day.

Joelle is a great woman.  She is strong, sensitive, smart, and she too serves our community as an EMT CC responder (volunteer) and she works in a local hospital as a Oneirologist (that is in the Sleep Apnea field).  She is just perfect for TJ and we all wish them years and years of happiness. 

A fall wedding is planned and Joelle has already asked Kaitlyn to be in her wedding party and TJ has asked Rob to be his best man.  

I wanted to share this great news with all of you.  Yesterday was a REAL GOOD day in the Karlya household.

I am a diabetesdad.