BLOG WEEK ENTRY 7: Share the love

Karen GraffeoThis week is blog week and we, the DOC Bloggers, have all been given a title for each day of the week and asked to write on this topic.  The seventh and final entry into blog week we are asked to address the following title:  Share the love as we speak/write/share of the blogs we liked best this week; or other ways to share the love.

It is not easy to blog.  When you love it, it seems easier, but to constantly look for subject matter that one thinks just might be of interest to our readers; well it can sometimes present challenges.

What is even harder is trying to organize the many bloggers out there to unify their efforts toward a singular goal due to the many commitments and other partnerships we all participate.  To do it for a week; monumental.

So rather than pinpoint a few bloggers to highlight for the effort this week, I would like to congratulate Karen Graffeo at Bitter Sweet Life for her due diligence in making this blogger week special.  It made us think, it made us write with a different perspective, and it made us all unified.

So thanks Karen and also to all of her helpers who gave ideas and suggestions.  This was no easy task and it is my sincere hope that the readers in the diabetes communities were the real winners.

Congratulations Karen.

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