charlie-kimballCharlie Kimball came in 9th in today’s Indianapolis 500—-AND HE DID IT WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES.

We know he wanted first but let’s let him know how he inspires us and our children with his incredible performance today.  Congratulations to his team and his sponsors including Novo Nordisk. 

He did not fold when his car had electrical problems.

He did not fold when the accidents happened and the yellow was out.

And he CERTAINLY DID NOT FOLD while managing his diabetes during 500 gruelling miles.

Reply here and send Charlie YOUR congratulations.

Nice job friend.

I am a diabetes dad.

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  • Betty Smtih says:

    Thank you Charlie Kimball for an amazing race. You continue to inspire our children living and thriving with type 1 diabetes. My family met you in person at the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference many years ago. You are an inspiration to all those living with type 1 diabetes. Our kids can do anything. Thank you for all that you do for bringing awareness and letting our kids know there are no limits in life living with type 1 diabetes. And a special Thank you to Novo Nordisk for being such a great sponsor. Job well done Charlie.

  • Connie Caveness says:

    Way to go, Charlie! You are an inspiration to this Diabetes Mom! My 15 yo T1 son Ags football and runs track. He LOVES to fish and hunt. Thank you for setting an example for us!

  • Christine Iacoucci says:

    Thank you Charlie for being such an inspirational representative for the t1d community…great job !!! From a t1d parent

  • Heather Kitts says:

    Great job Charlie. My daughter and I are both T1. I can’t imagine being sick and then going 500 miles!!!! 🙂

  • Steve Guidie says:


    Last year at the CWD Teen Driver Control, you got into our rental car with my son Joshua (DxD 4/2005) and demonstrated a maneuver for the kids to perform. I cannot tell you how excited he was afterwards. Your speech in regards to not let Diabetes dictate your life rubbed off onto him so much that he has taken an active role in raising money for diabetes research and volunteering numerous hours at charity events that he was selected to be a delegate for the 2013 JDRF Children’s Congress.

    No matter what position you come in, you will always be #1 in our books.


  • Kerry evrard says:

    I was not anImdy fan. You changed that. You are an inspiration to all T1D families . Proving you can follow and achieve your dreams. Thank you and congratulations on a great race. My son is my #1.

  • Dru Sgarlato says:

    We are pleased to be part of a community of folks living well despite this disease who, everyday, live the message: Yes You Can! You rock and we love what you represent

  • Jeanette Collier says:

    Charlie, you’re an inspiration to anyone facing extra obstacles daily but especially to young kids – showing them that nothing will stand in the way of their dreams. I think you’re wonderful

  • Charlie, you are inspiring. I know with type 1 diabetic, its a real challenge to manage. You rock and you are an inspiration to me. These representations are a real boost to all with diabetic. Charlie keep rocking. Thank you.

  • Congratulations Charlie and your team on such a great finishing position this weekend!! Not only are you an inspiration because you ride with diabetes and don’t let it stop you but because you’re awesome all around 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

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