charlie-kimballCharlie Kimball came in 9th in today’s Indianapolis 500—-AND HE DID IT WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES.

We know he wanted first but let’s let him know how he inspires us and our children with his incredible performance today.  Congratulations to his team and his sponsors including Novo Nordisk. 

He did not fold when his car had electrical problems.

He did not fold when the accidents happened and the yellow was out.

And he CERTAINLY DID NOT FOLD while managing his diabetes during 500 gruelling miles.

Reply here and send Charlie YOUR congratulations.

Nice job friend.

I am a diabetes dad.

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BREAKING NEWS: After Illness, Charlie Kimball CLEARED to Race Indy 500 Today.

2012 IndyCar Barber TestThe diabetes world’s own Indy 500 Hero is cleared to race.   After a sudden non-diabetes related  illness yesterday sidelined Charlie Kimball from the mostly ceremonial  500 Festival Parade and 33-driver introduction to the crowd.

Race official Chip Ganassi stated the illness IS NOT diabetes related but rather a ’24-hour virus’ of which Charlie was receiving fluids and resting.

What we know that most others do not, is that a 24 hour virus is not JUST A VIRUS for those with diabetes.  But the good news is that a member of Charlie’s Race Team stated he is all set to go today for the race which begins right after noon ET today.

So buckle your seat belts kids and watch and root for a real hero for all people with diabetes who proves, once again, that diabetes should stop you from nothing, even over 200 miles per hour.

Good Luck my friend.

I am a diabetes dad.

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