Do You Need a Liferaft??????

liferaftOnce upon a time there was a big storm and a man had evacuated to his roof as the waters slowly made their way to surround the house all the way up to the roof level.

He cried out, “God help me.”

As he waited for an answer a man he did not know was in a little row-boat and yelled to him through the driving rain, “Friend, hop in.”

“No he screamed back, my God will be helping me.”

A few minutes later a rescue boat came by and the fireman shouted, “Jump in and we will get you out of here.”  The man yelled back that he was okay because his God was going to send angels to help him.  Realizing the man was steadfast in his belief, the fireman moved on.

A few minutes later, with the water level now at the man’s waist, his neighbor passed by, ‘Neighbor, jump in and we’ll float to safety.”  “Thank you so much but my God will save me with what I am sure will be legions of angels, I am faithful.”

The neighbor moved on.

The waters rose and the man surely drowned.  When he got to the pearly gates he asked God, “Why in my hour of need, did you not send me your angels to help.  I screamed out and you did nothing.   WHY?”

God answered, “I have no idea what you mean my son, I sent you a perfect stranger, a fireman, and your neighbor to save your life and you did not take my help”

As I am in the middle of the week and attending the Friends for Life Conference, I have had a chance to meet many grandparents.  Their stories are incredibly fascinating but more so I have learned how many families kept their grandparents at a distance in the beginning days of diagnosis.

I have had the chance to speak to some in Orlando this week who have shared stories as Aunts and Uncles who help when a child is diagnosed and continued through the years as a ‘help-care” with families where diabetes is now in residence.

Are you like the man on the roof, who has help all around but refuses because you are waiting for some grand savior to come help you so you can find some time to yourself?

Have families offered help and you say, “No, we are okay.”  Do you do that?  Perhaps when a family member, or a friend, says to you next time, “If I can ever do something just ask.”  You should say, “If you really mean it, I would love to have just two hours to be myself, could you come by and watch Susie for just an hour or two, if I don’t find some time for myself I will explode.”

I am sure they will say yes.  I am also sure that there are families who will never get that offer and I am sorry about that fact.

But to the many I say look for that time for yourself, to be with your partner, or whatever two hours will buy you.  Don’t be SOOOO brave and go it alone and tell everyone you are in this all alone.  When it is offered, say yes. People are there, people will help, don’t just stay up on the roof.

I am a diabetes dad.

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