DISCLAIMER: It Could Kill You!!!

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Got it?

Have you ever heard the disclaimers at the end of commercials?  When someone who can speak very fast, tells us all the ‘bad’ that taking certain drugs will do to us?

Do we even listen anymore?

About a month ago I heard a commercial and the ending disclaimer was stated so fast that it caught my attention.  I went to YouTube and found the commercial and listened very carefully……..OMG…..why would I ever take that medicine?

It started me on a journey of listening to each commercial that was aired.  All I can say is that I have no idea why we would ingest any medicine that could have death as a side impact, severe bleeding, aches, pains, or the fear of something lasting four hours that shouldn’t that would require immediate medical attention.

Sometimes it is written, and written so small that you could not read it with a 100x magnifying glass.  Or so much is written that we just click ‘accept’ and move on.  I am certain that one day I will ‘click’ and give the possession of my home to someone else.

Trouble is, we do not even pay attention to them anymore…….do we?  Because we spend billions every year buying things that have a chance to kill us……..all by the manufacturers’ own admission; I know because I saw it on TV. 

So it must be true…….right?

I am a diabetes dad.

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Hey there Diabetes Dad,
I’m a newly minted Diabetes Mom with a 3 year old that was diagnosed about 2.5 years ago. I was, previously, a published author in another field, and am now writing a column for Houston Style Magazine specifically about my life as a diabetic parent.

I follow your blog and I love the insights you have as someone who has “gone before me” in this road. You also have a GREAT and varied readership and I was hoping we could team up a bit. I could quote you, you could quote me, we could link to articles periodically etc.

My current gig is a FREE writing gig and I’d love to parley it into a PAID writing gig to help my family out a bit, but I can’t really do that until I get better traction…..if you are interested, you are welcome to CALL or email me at your leisure.

Heather D. Nelson – author
God Had Other Plans
and Columnist for Houston Style Magazine.

Those commercials are crazy! I used to poke fun at them and figure anybody would have to be even crazier to ingest any of those drugs. Now? I inject my daughter on a regular basis with one of those products that could killherkidneysdamageherlivercausecanceretcetcetc.

It’s a tough decision to make and I remake it each time I am preparing the syringe to give her another dose. But I pierce her flesh each time for the same reason I make my son bleed multiple times a day to check his blood sugar—I love her and want her to live the best life possible. How can she do that with cancer, kidney failure and the rest? Well, that is a list of things that CAN happen from the drug. The things her disease WILL DO to her without the treatment these drugs provide are equally bad, or worse.

About the four hour thing……I can only think people take that risk because it just isn’t easy to face the fact that we are aging.

Here’s the thing – as a D parent – every single day, we are dealing with a potentially lethal substance just to keep our kids, ironically enough, alive. When I read your title, I thought you were going in a different direction. Even in speaking to endocrinologists, who are quite used to insulin, you hear that warning – too much will kill. It’s not that it MIGHT… it WILL. We risk overdosing our children every single day. Why? Because the alternative does mean certain death for them.

Reading your title, I do wish you had gone more in depth about that aspect of being a D-parent. We need others to see that insulin is not only NOT A CURE, but something so toxic that most physicians classify it as a poison. And in nearly 100 years since insulin’s discovery, that’s the best we’ve got? The medical community needs to do more.

I’m a Diabetic mom…

I am not quite sure what you expected when you read the title of today’s subject. It was actually a ‘light-hearted’ approach on the disclaimers we read on TV and in magazines each and every day. There are many more articles that I have written in the last 300 or so that deal more in depth with being a d-parent (and MY dealings on a day-to-day basis—I by no means think anyone needs to do things as I do them). I share stories….if they strike a chord with someone and lead to a thought or a discussion—-THAT is fabulous. If it does not, it is best to just let it go and wait for a day that something may be more in tune with your thoughts.

I know hundreds of Docs in the field of diabetes, been at this for over 20 years, and I have never heard them ONCE call or refer to insulin as a poison… is a notion I HAVE NEVER heard.

Thanks for writing.

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