DISCLAIMER: It Could Kill You!!!

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Got it?

Have you ever heard the disclaimers at the end of commercials?  When someone who can speak very fast, tells us all the ‘bad’ that taking certain drugs will do to us?

Do we even listen anymore?

About a month ago I heard a commercial and the ending disclaimer was stated so fast that it caught my attention.  I went to YouTube and found the commercial and listened very carefully……..OMG…..why would I ever take that medicine?

It started me on a journey of listening to each commercial that was aired.  All I can say is that I have no idea why we would ingest any medicine that could have death as a side impact, severe bleeding, aches, pains, or the fear of something lasting four hours that shouldn’t that would require immediate medical attention.

Sometimes it is written, and written so small that you could not read it with a 100x magnifying glass.  Or so much is written that we just click ‘accept’ and move on.  I am certain that one day I will ‘click’ and give the possession of my home to someone else.

Trouble is, we do not even pay attention to them anymore…….do we?  Because we spend billions every year buying things that have a chance to kill us……..all by the manufacturers’ own admission; I know because I saw it on TV. 

So it must be true…….right?

I am a diabetes dad.

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