Our Children Need the Sign to Guide Them Home……Will You Give it To Them?

SwanThe picture s a Swan.  It is a cute ‘thing’, Maria and the others in the housekeeping staff, make with a towel here in Disney, where I am for the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference.    The creation will usually find their way into the window, or it could be a favorite stuffed animal, or even a hand painted sign.

Parents place these in the window to guide their children back home to their room.  Here at Disney’s Coronado Springs, the front desk tells me that there are 2109 rooms at this location and many doors and windows start to look the same very quickly.  Kids who are old enough to roam the place sometimes need a beacon to guide them back….these are an easy way for kids to find their rooms by looking at the windows by the front door.

As soon a I saw the first one on this trip, it took me back to the first time we were here and the kids were not even in their teens, a life time ago it seems.  As I sat in my room reading my emails, those days seem like a long time ago.

Our kids grow up so very quickly, don’t they?

TJ was just starting to grow, Kaitlyn was fairly new wearing that newest of advancements called the insulin pump.  And here we were at Coronado Springs to learn more about diabetes just as over 3000 people will do as they converge here over the next few days.

Their lives, of course, are about to change.  The so many people who come every year share their fears, their feelings, and the way their diabetes world exists.  We, as many of you, continue finding ways to learn and to share these findings to better their worlds with diabetes.

Perhaps it is a camp, or a seminar, or a support group that is chosen to learn more.  In as much as I have already stated how important I think the DIabetes Research Institute’s BioHub is in our wait for a cure, waiting for that cure must be spent on obtaining the most comprehensive education we can to start living……..NOW.  And the ‘now’ is better education of everything out their in management tools and techniques to help our children.

Help our children to obtain the best blood glucose numbers that they possible can.  Not because they will have a lower A1C (and they will), not to please the doctor (which it will), not to feel better about ourselves (which will happen), but for the singularly most important reason there is; THEY WILL FEEL BETTER.  And when they feel better they can accomplish great things.

So no matter where you choose to educate your self about diabetes, congratulations because there is a lot out there and sometimes, like 2109 rooms, it can all almost look the same.  And in the long run education is what we need to guide our children home, just like a symbol in a window.

I am a diabetes dad.

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