The Perfect Storm….Why One and Not The Other…..and Appreciating the Navigators!!!

StormThe perfect storm.

Someone said something to me recently that got me thinking (always dangerous—I know).  They said that their child wakes up when they are low, “NO MATTER WHAT” in the middle of the night; and they do not, and have not, awoke in the middle of the night to check their child’s blood sugar for some time because they do not feel the need to do so anymore.


My thought was this; it seems that there are so many things that must align perfectly for danger to await our children.

Millions of kids play Little League Baseball each year and I’m sure many are hit in the chest with a baseball without anything more than soreness.  Why is it so that at the perfect second, at the perfect moment, and at the perfect speed a baseball will hit a child in their chest and cause their heart to go into arrest; why them, what a that moment?

Why is it that some children are afflicted with a disease that they can be mainstreamed into life and others with the same disease-name will need a lifetime of constant care/assistance?

Why are some adults hit with a disease that makes them bed-ridden and in the lives of others with the same disease-name you would hardly know they have any affliction at all?

Why do some people respond to AIDS medication (or any medication for that matter) while others do not?

Why have some families lost their child to diabetes in the middle of the night; while others feel the same as the family I spoke to; that waking up and checking is not necessary at all?

Doesn’t it all seem so unfair?

Why is it that some people are hit with a storm and others are hit with an even more turbulent storm?  I mean I get it; it is life; and we all have varying degrees of what life will throw at us.

Why is it that in the bodies of those who have diabetes, their bodies sees their native pancreas as foreign and attacks it causing diabetes; but in cancer patients their body DOES NOT see the cancer as foreign and leaves it alone and the cancer spreads?

It is all so baffling to me.  I share this with you because I was reading about a particular diabetes research project continuing and it made me realize just how difficult researchers have it when it comes to trying to master the maze that is within our own bodies.

This thought made me appreciate more what people like Ed Damiano, Camillo Ricordi, and those in the research world as a whole must face day in and day out as they try to advance the battle against diabetes.  There are people out there, with skin in the game, who want to advance this war to see it end as much as we do.  they MUST get frustrated at times and yet, they keep at it.

The human body can create the perfect storm against us to change our lives forever; it must be near impossible to navigate the same waters not knowing what causes the storm or why it continues but at the same time they are asked by millions to get rid of it.

Makes you appreciate those looking to navigate those waters, in all fields;……doesn’t it?

I am a diabetes dad.

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One reply on “The Perfect Storm….Why One and Not The Other…..and Appreciating the Navigators!!!”

I find Your writing comforting.

Our family has an old sailboat and we have learned navigational skills for about the same time as dealing with our son diabetes.

I’m fond of this saying
“A smart person clears out of situations which a wise might avoid totally.”

Still sometimes the wise one finds himself in fog or a sudden thunderstorm too.

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