A Picture. A Thousand Dreams Realized….Inspiration Defined!!!…Read and Find Out Why!!!!!

CWD Picture BallTwo are having their first child.

One was just married.

Four have diabetes, two do not;  Can you tell, of course you can’t.  Diabetes is a huge part of the lives of all six of them none-the-less.

A few are in love.

One is my daughter; the rest I have known for some time.

When I saw this picture I wept.  They were absolute tears of joy.  I’m sure there were others out there that did the same.  They know too.  They KNOW what this picture is all about.

Now those of you who are fairly ‘new’ with this new normal, and those of you who may have a little time under your belt but still have fears every day; hear me with the loudest voice you can. This picture represents every fear, every doubt, every tear that has been shed worrying about the future for our children with diabetes; and throws them right out the window.

This picture is THE LIVING PROOF how important IT ALL is about.

These kids are in the work place, in college, starting a life together, creating a life together, continuing a life of dreams…..they are with everything you can think of……..LIVING their lives to the absolute max..

These kids go back a long way together, a very long way, and that means so do their parents. I’m one.   

Some were diagnosed while still in diapers and here they are as a group of fabulous adults.  My wish is that you have this picture for your child at this age.  Many of us were told a different scenario years ago; none of us believed those scenarios, we believed a life of living.  So did our kids. 

Perfect?  I can hear each parent laughing at that statement; I can also hear each parent sigh and smile at this picture.  There is so much love in this picture, there are so many dreams fulfilled in this picture, there are so many friendships connected to this picture, there are so many stories in this picture and the best part, they have only just begun.

They are our kids, they are our dreams, they are our passion, they are our future,  they are one thousand percent……..Friends for Life. 

I am a diabetes dad.

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4 replies on “A Picture. A Thousand Dreams Realized….Inspiration Defined!!!…Read and Find Out Why!!!!!”

I cried with you! Parents, Grandparents, Kids of all ages – just like the young folks in the picture, WE ALL BECOME FRIENDS FOR LIFE.

Well said!

Thanks for helping us all to see past the challenges of living with diabetes.

I for one think the presence of diabetes in my life has made me appreciate and cherish all of these amazing moments that make up our life even more :).

I believe that my life is richer and more fulfilling because of diabetes…

Thanks too for an incredible FFL. I loved every minute

I didn’t know about the FFL event and I live in Florida, I wish I knew, I would attend…and your picture makes me realize that my kid will grow up just fine, with my constant fear of her future, but she will be fine, only if I do my best day and nights…it will pay off, thanks for encouragement

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