It is Decreed…..Today is “Tiara Friday”!!!!! Wear Yours Proudly.

Tiara MomIn the year 1999 Laura Billetdeaux (CWD Friends for Life organizer and founder) stated she was going to Florida and if anyone wanted to meet her there, they could.  Five hundred people met her there and Friends for Life was born; and two weeks ago 3500 people showed up again.

At the CWD FFL Ball at the conference, it was the kingdom of FFL (pronounced Fiff-el) and the kids (and many adults) were in tiaras all night long and felt and looked like a Disney Princess. 

So when I read Laura’s FB page this morning and read that she had declared this day as Tiara Friday, who was I to dispute that point.

As I read that one person was going to New York City today and will be wearing hers, and others chimed in…….well that got me thinking.  Getting me thinking can be a dangerous thing.  🙂

The last Friday of every month…..Tiara Friday. 

The definition of Tiara is an ornamental, often jeweled, crown-like semicircle worn on the head by women on special occasions.

What is the special occasion?  When asked you answer; “My child has type one diabetes and although it is a horrendous disease, we are working hard at making her/his life the fullest it could ever be.  (Or, I have type one diabetes and I work hard at making my life the fullest it can ever be.) We are living life to the fullest, and in my book THAT is a special occasion.”

So enjoy Tiara Friday Ladies.  Wear it proudly because you HAVE MUCH TO BE PROUD.   Hmmmmmmm wonder how I would look?

I am a diabetes dad.

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Tom, I just landed in Montana… only cowboy hats here, no tiaras 🙂 Will this suffice for this month ? Have a great day!

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