Stupid Birds….Why Do They Run when They can Fly??????

birdHow is that for the title of today’s article?
I noticed it as I was driving and it happened four different times.  

It bought me back years ago to a dear friend named Linda.  We were driving when this stupid bird in front of my car just looked at us as the car approached.  Linda asked me if I thought birds appeared to be acting stupid lately.   When I asked her to what she was referring, she stated that birds seemed to be waiting to the last-minute to get out-of-the-way and when they do, they run, not fly.  We surely laughed.

Now I have not thought of that story in over 35 years, don’t know why I remember it so well,  but I surely remembered it clearly today.

How many times do we walk when we should fly?   (Well you knew I was going somewhere with this…….right?)

How many times have I taken the, let’s say, silly way to resolve a situation because I was just too stubborn to ask, or just too lazy to do my homework.  When our insurance was up on the insulin pump, and it was time to look at what was new in the market place, I asked a whole bunch of people what they thought, online and offline.  The percentage of people I asked all seemed to be leaning to one pump in particular.

As we were finishing our ‘ask’, it dawned on me that I had never done MY homework at each individual  website of each company to find out if the way people were leaning (it was like 80% said to use a certain pump) was indeed correct for us.

Well it wasn’t.

Now I purposely am not mentioning any specifics about the pump companies involved because each one of us must make up our mind and figure out what is best for ourselves or our children.  But my point is that in as much as we should always seek the opinions of others and also seek trustworthy friends’ input, at the end of the day, we must also do our own homework. 

We NEEDED to do our homework.  We needed to investigate.  We needed to not be stupid and run across the road when we should have flown.  So the takeaway here is that people mean well when they help and advise, but there is no substitute for correctly investigating what we need to investigate.

That bird may get away with running across the road a thousand times, but surely as I am standing here, there will be one time when the car will be faster and our poor friend will pay a dear consequence for not ‘doing it right’.   Better the bird than us.

Just food for thought.

I am a diabetes dad.

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You also might need to press the company to speak with a rep. We went with our first pump based on the sharing of others and website info, but the mistake we made was not pressing the other companies for a rep to share more. If we had pushed for the rep we probably would have not chosen what we did.

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