When One is Lost…….a Story of Reunion!!!!

pit bullThis morning I went to use my asthma spray and it was dangerously low.  So I called my local Walgreens and had them re-fill my prescription.  As I headed to the store, I saw a man walking with a leash in his hands. 

If any of you are a dog lover, which I am but never admit it (can’t let those dogs get too comfortable or they’ll own you…..whch of course mine do), you know that view of having a leash in your hand, it usually means one thing.

A broken heart looking for a dog.  I recognized it because we have certainly been there. 

Well I continued on my way and on the way home across town I see a pit-bull.  But not a mean pit bull, a beautiful brown and white pit bull.  What do you think I do; right—-I open my window and talk to the dog like it is a person.

“You looking for someone puppy?” 

His tail is now wagging a mile a minute but he is not getting anywhere near my car (never a piece of bologna around when you need one), no matter how many times I called him.  SO what do I do next? 

I tell him to sit.  And he does.  Now I say the dumbest thing in the world; “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

I race to the neighborhood where i am looking all over for the man with the leash.  Up and down every block, looking down each roadway……finally I find him. 

“You looking for your dog?”

“Sure am.”

“Brown and white?”


“Get in.”

The man talks; “He is a very gentle pit bull.  He looks like a terror but he is a mush.  Sure hope he is where you saw him.”

Now because I’m so hoping that this works out and he has not wandered into the middle of Horseblock Road and been hit by 14 cars and 3 trucks, you are going to love the pearls of wisdom that came out of my mouth.   Ready?

“Don’t worry, I told him to wait there.”

What the heck was I thinking?   The guy must have thought I was nuts.

Well I pulled up to where I saw him and the man says through the open window, “Hello Cookie.”  Now the dog’s tail is wagging at twice the speed and he runs right over; and to all of you naysayers, Cookie was sitting right where I told him to stay.

He thanked me and jumped out of the car.

Now to those who read me often enough, you may say what does this have to do with diabetes and my answer is; “It doesn’t”.  Not every aspect of our lives need to be……right?

On this day, a lost dog and an owner are reunited.  Not bad for the beginning of a Thursday…..yes?

I am a diabetes dad.

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9 replies on “When One is Lost…….a Story of Reunion!!!!”

Lol! I love your blog. Wonderful way to start a Thursday. We all need a break even for a moment where D is not there. Thank you.

YAAAY! Way to go, Tom. Nicely done. I used to be in charge of the neighborhood watch in our community, and there were SO MANY lost pups out sometimes. I kept an extra leash and bag of dog treats in my car just in case… and it came in handy a couple times. That’s the worst feeling in the world to me, not being able to do anything and not knowing where the owner may be. Glad this worked out that way, and Cookie and owner were reunited!!

Thank you, I too have pit bulls, one sleeps with my T1 son and if he so much as moves Max is sure to come wake me. I know Horseblock Rd, It never surprises me how smart a pittie can be. I needed a good story today. Thank you

Love this !!! I have a pitbull. They are the sweetest dogs. Thank you for helping. Doesn’t surprise me that the dog waited for you to come back

Awesome story, brought a few tears (happy non-diabetic related) to my eyes! 😀 We too have a brown and white pittie, she’s absolutely insane and friendly! The word “treats” gets her attention no matter what!

Oh and I forgot to mention, that she does know how to “stay” and her release word is…..diabetes! It was our daughters idea…not ours! haha

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