One of My Biggest Fears About My Kids Having Diabetes……….

car accidentDear Kaitlyn and Rob,

I read recently about a horrible car accident.  The person who was at fault has T1 diabetes.  She informed police that she was late for work and she did not check her blood sugar before she left her home.  She was severely low.  She did not remember much of what happened.

THAT was a serious error in judgement.

I think people with diabetes can do anything, you both know that about the way I feel.  I’m constantly touting the incredible things people do with diabetes.  But please promise me that you will always check your blood sugar before you start the engine of what will probably be the most powerful piece of machinery that you will ever have in your control.

A car does not care about your diabetes.  It will do only what you make it do.   Once on a given path, only you can control it.

I know we discussed this many times.  But I just want to re-emphasize the point that taking a chance, even once, can have an incredibly ‘bad’ ending.  If this scares you, and scares you enough to understand how important it is, then the letter is successful.

I hear horror stories about how kids do not take care of their diabetes, and although mom and I constantly push you and sometimes are a pain-in-the-butt about it; you both are very good in your management and that is a good thing because you will feel better by doing so.   We also know that sometimes diabetes works real hard at getting the upper hand; and you deal very well with that also.

But driving with out first checking is a nasty game of russian roulette and you will get away it a thousand times before THAT ONE makes you pay, and pay dearly.

I know you both tell us you do and surely we believe you, this letter is just a reminder that it is, and still is, such a fear of ours and just wanted to send you this reminder.   The story I heard about shook me up…….and was avoidable.

This young lady did not ask for diabetes, but she needed to make sure she did everything she could to make sure she had control of her car.  I don’t want to compare this to anything else that happens, or the choices people make, while behind the wheel of a car.  I just wanted to share with you that this story scared me; and we love you too much to pay such a dear price.

Please check before you drive.

I love you,


I am a diabetes dad.

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this is my second day of allowing my t1d daughter to drive herself to school. This letter is such great timing and will reinforce what I have been telling her. Thank you for always putting the fax out there for the d.o.cand saying it in a way that no one else can. Thank you.

I have to admit that I’ve thought of this often. 3 years away. I hope to instill your message that only once can have bad results. Always check first.

It was not an easy thing to think about, nor write about. I figured a letter to my kids woudl be the best way to make a point which scares me……a lot. thanks for writing.

Agreed. To take it 1 step further; any time you attempt any activity that involves moving vehicles, extra effort, or is out of your usual pattern of activity; test first! I have days (especially workout days) when I test up to 10x (before meals, before bed, before, during and after workouts, bike riding, etc). Better safe than sorry.

My 17 yo started driving by himself one month ago. We have a driving contract and a saying — prick before you click. It’s still scares me so, so much.

That one letter will stick with me forever Tom.

So much has been said, and much of it very nasty, about the case where a male school teacher drove without checking his blood and accidentally killed a little girl while low. Even a few people in the DOC were critical of the man.

But to read this letter and know how much love and compassion lay behind the words, I am reminded how the heart is stirred more by love than by anger.
I needed that reminder.

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