NEWSFLASH: Charlie Kimball Wins First….Stands Alone Atop Victory Podium.

Kimball winsSix years ago he was told he had diabetes.  Many stated he was done.  Many stated to forget racing.  How could he win……he has type 1 diabetes.

Charlie Kimball dashed all of the naysayers on Sunday when he ran a brilliant race and with just 18 laps left, he slipped past the leaders and just over two seasons into racing professionally; Charlie Kimball was the first car to see the checkered flag.

The Indy 200 Mid-Ohio by Lexington will forever be known as the place that Charlie Kimball pushed the pedal down with the statement that he belongs with the elite when it comes to Indy Racing. 

With a specially designed race car so his blood sugar can be monitored as he races, Charlie not only has to keep an eye on the road; he MUST make sure is blood sugar is within range. Many thought it would be too difficult to notch a win, no one thinks so anymore.

Charlie Kimball stated that “…getting the win quiets a lot of voices for sure……..especially the ones within myself…..”

Share this story with someone you know who thinks diabetes might stop them from their dream; even if that dream is while wide awake……….at over 200 miles per hour.

Congratulations Charlie!

I am a diabetes dad.

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer person!! Was so gracious to provide an interview for my T1’s 8th grade project this spring!!! Congratulations Charlie!!

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