The “BAG”!

Diabetes bagDiabetes bag.

It contains the lifeline for diabetes.  In as much as those with diabetes would like it smaller, more ‘hide-able’–it has become part of our terminology as much as anything else.  It started as the diabetes supply bag; it became your diabetes bag, and after a certain amount of time it became known as just ‘the bag’.

You know; “Do you have the bag?”
“Where’s the bag?”
“Do not forget the bag”.

The bag.

Did you ever think that such a word would become such an important part of your life.  Did you ever think that such a word would represent so much that gets taken every where.   It does not just get taken ‘out’, it gets taken EVERYWHERE.

Trips, run to the store, a walk around the park, or even skydiving from an airplane—we go nowehere without ‘THE BAG’.

Insulated, supplies, insulin, back-up, alcohol swabs….all are contained in ‘the bag’.

We should think of a really cool name for ‘the bag’; don’t you think?  It just seems that something so important deserves a bigger, better, and cooler title, don;t you think?  So if you have any ideas, I’m open to them.

I have to go take the kids out to a friends, have a great day as I need to jump in the car and go; but not without THE bag.

I am a diabetes dad.

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mine is “the survival kit”. I have a simple one that looks like a large wallet from the outside. It’s only when you unzip it that you see all the goodies inside.

Son left his “D Bag” at school. I’ll give him a break, it’s the first day. We walked back to get it and he asked the secretary and his teacher where his “D Bag” is. That’s it’s name, “D Bag”.

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