Are You, or Someone You Know,…….a DIABADASS?!

Mr. TI do not know where this phrase came from but I love it.  I first read about it on Sandy Struss’ page and if she is the creator of the word….thank  you.  She also has demonstrated her incredible skills in fulfilling what that phrase means.

If she is not the creator of the word, whoever deserves the credit please step up and let us know.  It is such a great word because it is a direct line to what it means.  Someone with diabetes who goes for it all with no- nonsense in life; or in a particular challenge that is undertaken by someone with diabetes.  Successful is only defined as taking on the challenge.

The list is so long of the people I know who fit this title.  Not just those who undertake insanely challenging tasks like climbing the largest mountain in the world; but those who also undertake personal challenges that others might very well never attempt.  A challenge is a challenge is a challenge and we read about them all the time.

If anyone out there has artistic skills, I would love to see an icon or graphic art creation of these incredible people.  So feel free to share a drawing.

So today, if you are one (or your child is one) who does not let diabetes stop you from the challenge in your life; and you take it on, even if you do not succeed… took it on; you are in a very elite club.

You are diabadass!   Thank you for your continued inspiration.

I am a diabetes dad.

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