What a First Year!

1st-anniversaryWow, that went fast.

Today begins my second year and it is hard to believe that it was just one year ago I hit the ‘publish’ button and my first daily writing was posted.  A whole year.  I have written columns for years at dLife, but a year ago started my daily writings and it has been a most exhilarating journey.

I’m so thankful for the many people who take the time to read what I write and as I stated a year ago; “funny thing about diabetes is that we can never know enough…..can we?”. That saying still holds true. 

I have stated a million times that no one makes more mistakes than I in this diabetes journey and I’m always looking for a reason and a way to learn more.  I’ve stated a thousand times that I write about my feelings about what I experience, what I hear, or what I may read.  And if you disagree with me; you surely are free to express yourself and tell me why you disagree, or why you agree; but most of all it is my hope to continue the conversation about diabetes.  To open a dialogue and to share things that we all may find interesting as well.

I hope to continue that effort. 

Almost every emotion has been shared at one time or another.  The pain of a lost one, the sharing of kids and adults LIVING with diabetes, the highlighting of an individual who seemed extraordinary in their efforts no matter how big or how small, joy in a scientific finding, frustration in the lack of education, laughter at the sense of humor of some, and items that peaked my interest and also seemed to have peaked your interest as well.

As a reminder, I work at The DIabetes Research Institute Foundation because I believe in their cure-focused mission-if I knew some place better I would be there.  I respect other people’s choices to support other organizations, and I believe in all my heart and soul that there are surely enough choices out there for everyone and anyone to find a place to help that fits perfectly with how they can help as well.  I will continue to share those efforts of others, no matter who or what they support, if it makes a difference in this world.

There are no entities at the end of the day; there is just us; the diabetes community.  Made of people.  A whole lot of wonderful people.

No one place is perfect and I have stated before that it will be up to those who are impacted  in some way by diabetes to make a difference…….no one will do it for us.  I like to, and will continue to highlight, those who strive to make a difference in a way that THEY are able.  From celebrating the fact that their child has achieved something important to an organization trying to change the world; I celebrate those victories.

I have made mistakes over the last year too; and I have learned the power of the written word, no matter who writes it–if it is out there, it impacts others.  But there is nothing more rewarding than the messages I received that informed me that I may have somehow created a thought, stirred an emotion, touched a heart, and even helped someone through something I wrote……..THAT is what is about for me.

I have been at this for almost 21 years.  Many people with diabetes have no choice.  And as long as my loved ones have to stay at it, so will I.  For as long as they must, I will too.

This being the start of year two and the end of year one, I would like to thank David Edelman, who encouraged me to start and helps me often on this journey; and Gina Capone who gave me my Diabetes Dad logos and inspires me also.  I would like to thank my many colleagues who inspire me daily at the DRI and in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) who teach by doing; and they do much.  

But above all I want to thank all of you for somehow or some way finding some of what I write interesting enough to both read and sometimes even to share.  You have changed my life, and for that I humbly thank you.

I love your spirit, your ability to share an opinion, your drive toward perfection for your self or your loved one, and above all your ability to just ‘not do nothing’ to make this a better world for all of us.

We have each other and it is because of our collective strength, diabetes just will not do in our lives.  Let’s keep looking to manage it daily, look to keep working together, and look towards the day that the advancement to a cure leaves the discussion table and becomes a reality for all.

I am a diabetes dad.

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