A FREE (I said FREE) Family Getaway Weekend for 15 Families with Diabetes

Camp Pump WearSomething for free?????  There is a catch, right?  Nothing is for free.  Why would someone give a weekend away completely for free?  Can’t be true, can it?

Well here is the world’s best kept secret and you have a shot to take part.   Pump Wear is a company that has been around for a while and it is run by moms.  Moms who understand, moms who care. They have been doing this for six years, and for the seventh year; YOU CAN BE THERE.

Imagine the entire family getting away together for a Mother’s Day 2014 weekend (they plan something special for the moms too) for horseback riding, camp activities, boating, fishing, fun, fun, fun, all for free……you just get there and everything else is done, done, done.

From their website about this incredible program and why they do it.
Our goal has always been to help families enjoy all the wonderful things that childhood has to offer. With the daily stress of living with diabetes we want to be able to provide a haven for families to take a breath and enjoy time with their family and an opportunity to make friends. We understand the high cost of diabetes and the many life changes that occur and wanted to truly support an organization that offers our families the ability to spend 2 nights and 3 days in a beautiful setting with wonderful friends and lots of activities. The Double H Ranch is that place. We would like to offer 15 families the ability to come to this ranch and have fun and make friends.

For a write-up of the event; click here. 

The camp grounds are none other than Paul Newman’s “A Hole in the Wall Camp” in Lake Luzerne, NY.  What an incredible opportunity to get away for a weekend you will never forget.  So if you live too far, send this to a family who lives with T1 Diabetes anywhere in the Northeast—-what an incredible opportunity.

For the application, click here.

What an opportunity…..take advantage; some things are, indeed, completely free.  Thank you Pump Wear, Inc…..just fabulous.

I am a diabetes dad.

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We in Florida have Camp Boggy Creek another Paul Newman Camp. This is the best free weekend we have had as we had support group by age group and role time, kid time and it is very like FFL just in the woods and everything crammed into two days and two nights.

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