PART II—PLEASE READ AND SHARE: Child Diagnosed at Death…..Need Your Help……Even if YOUR CHILD was Close.

Let's GoI wrote earlier today about having a good lead to help educate Family Physicians on looking more closely for diagnosis of diabetes before allowing misdiagnosis.

Someone stated that I should not just include Diagnosis at Death….and I fully agree.

If your doctor (no names please) missed the diagnosis of your child’s T1 diabetes when they showed symptoms of the flu or something else….please share your story.

Sent to and in the subject line please write ‘Parent’s Story’.  Including State and pertinent information, share your feeling as well.  PLEASE ONLY SHARE YOUR STORY IF YOU WENT FOR AN INITIAL DOCTOR’S VISIT AND THEY MIS-DIAGNOSED YOUR CHILD AND SENT YOU ON YOUR WAY.  Thank you all….these will add powerful testaments.

Thank you ‘Megan’ so much for chiming in with this idea.

I am a diabetes dad.

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