It’s Huuuuummmpppppp Day…eeeeeee

Hump dayWednesday, the middle of the work week, hump day.  After today, you are over the hump toward the weekend.  There is a commercial on now that I just love that pokes fun at Wednesday.  It’s a silly commercial but one that just makes you smile when you see it because of its silliness.

Here is the link to the commercial.

I love reading the various posts that people share when their kids do something that just seems completely outrageous.  Or they say something that is just so completely off the mark that it makes us laugh.

Years ago there was a man named Art Linkletter who had many successes and was the host of a show called Kid’s Say the Darnest Things.  Bill Cosby also hosted a version of it as well.  Kids would sit on stools and Art would just ask them questions and we would roar over the answers.  He once asked a child, “Who is the boss in your household, your mom or your dad?”  The young man responded, “They both are.”  Mr. Linkletter responded with, “You’re a real diplomat aren’t you?”  The boy simply stated, “No sir, I am a  Baptist.”

Simple laughter; can we ever get enough?

Please share with us something that made you laugh.  A favorite commercial, a favorite video (short), or even a favorite joke.   We could all use something to make us smile today, because it’s hump day.  We need to last through the weekend.

Make us laugh today.  Hump Day Humor.

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A little story…Shelby went to her dad’s one holiday and I went to my parent’s. She asked me specifically to bring home some brownies (because we didn’t keep a full batch at OUR house at any one time). I bagged them up and got ready to leave when I realized I didn’t have my phone to call her that I didn’t forget. I went back into the house in search of the phone. I then used my parents’ phone to call my number. I heard it faintly and after turning left, turning left, turning left to hear it better each time, I realized it didn’t get louder no matter how far I walked…and found it in my pants pocket…playing the song Shelby uploaded for me….”If I Only Had a Brain”.

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