Prescriptions—–WOW Did I Blow it!!!!!! Don’t you do the same.

prescriptions“I’ll take care of this order…..I know what to do.  Don’t worry about it.”  When Jill rolled her eyes and half-smiled—–I should have known.

Last month I paid for an item and went through my insurance company; $487.00.  Not covered.  So I paid it.  After a while I thought there had to be a better way so I called my insurance company and they said, “…use XYZ; it is the same as ABC and we cover that”.


I called my doctor, I stated that my insurance company stated that XYZ is the same is ABC; is it?

“Just about.”

The cost, $35.87.  THAT IS A HUGE difference.  Now for the amount of time that we have been dealing with insurance companies with a mountain of prescriptions to fill every month for two kids with diabetes, I should know better, I do know better.  But this one got by me.

We know to stagger the delivery months of the supplies, and not have them together (someone told us that a while ago), so if we should run-out there is more in the house to ‘borrow’. 

But there is a lesson to learn here and that is that no matter how long your are involved in this and no matter how much of ‘a pro’ we are (or think we are); always stay on top of what you are using and compare prices always.  Ask….and ask many times.

I did this, instead of Jill, because I know what I am doing……right?  I have said it a million times, no one has made more mistakes at this than I….today was another example. 

Lesson learned.

I am a diabetes dad.

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