Diabetes Jeopardy Answer #6 for D-Awareness Month: A Nutrionist to a Level of Art Form

Susan Weiner….The answer is who is Susan Weiner.

Her Susan Weiner Nutrition, Your Healthy Life site is a must have for anyone needing questions answered about nutrition.  Her site:….. provides a realistic approach for achieving your healthy life.  Anyone can lose weight, at Susan Weiner Nutrition we teach you how to keep those pounds off forever! Our individually designed weight loss program focuses on YOU and your lifestyle.  Finally,  a realistic approach to reaching  your desired body weight while living life to the fullest. As diabetes specialists, we incorporate  all of the necessary tools  required to help you achieve and maintain acceptable blood sugar levels. WE can help you get your diabetes under control.

And her new book The Complete Diabetes Organizer is gaining raves from around the entire diabetes community and turning into a must have item as well.

She was voted iVillages Top 10 Nutrition Bloggers and her credentials are a mile along and you can read more about this lovely human dynamo by clicking here.  She is the answer for many with her no-nonsense and direct approach, and she should be yours as well.

For Diabetes Awareness Month:
This month, I will be highlighting someone in the diabetes community.  They may be people you know, or might not know, but they give of themselves to make this world, our world, with diabetes a special place.   I will not get to everyone this month, but it is my hope that perhaps you can be introduced to some of those you may not know.

I’m certainly not the definitive on who should be included….you are.  If you think I should include someone, shoot me an email at and I will do what I can to include that person as well.  Welcome to diabetes awareness month.

I am a diabetes dad.

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