A Reminder for School, Now that Summer is Coming……Share with Others.

Don't forgetSchool’s out, well almost.

With the start of June upon us, the excitement of school ending is also here.  Kids will be home for the summer ……..and the fun begins.

I have a suggestion for today; do not wait until the final day to inform the school nurse that you will be in to collect all of your child’s diabetes supplies that have been there all year-long.  The last weeks of school become pretty crazy for everyone.  Send a note to the nurse with about one to two weeks of school left.  In the note, inform her (or him, anyone have a male school nurse?) that you will be in on the last day to pick up everything; or if your child is old enough, let the nurse know that your child will bring everything home with him/her on the last day of school.

Your focus is your child.  The school nurse; probably has a focus for over 700 kids with a percentage of them dealing ‘with something’ that the nurse must be familiar.  A note to reminder the nurse will probably be welcomed.  This also goes for anything that might be in home room classes, etc.  The note might not completely guarantee that everything will be all ready, but a nice reminder at least will pave the roadway for you to arrive and pick up what you need to (depending on what is given back to you, it might also give a glimpse of your child’s year in the school nurse’s office.  One year, when picking up at the end of the year, we were given the meter still in the original box, unopened.  Want to imagine THAT discussion?).

So much happens in the final days of school each year; last-minute requests should be avoided and will allow a smoother transition at the end of the year.  It’s a little thing, I know, but it will make one less thing to frustrate you.

Bring on Summer!!!!!!

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