Where is a %$@#+*&% Meter, THAT WORKS, in this House.

Diabetes supplies pileSo how any meters do you have.  The other day, I wanted to check my blood sugar (SIDENOTE: I was fine).  So I knew this would be no problem because we have meters, right?  I mean LOTS OF meters all over the house.

Ten? Twelve?  Probably more.   You have them all over, right?

I could not believe how many were missing parts.  There is a ‘something’ that those who have had diabetes in their household may be suffering from… is the incomplete meter sets.  You know, you need lancets and you figure you will fill it up later, there is always another diabetes bag within reach, “I’ll grab that one”.

Guess what?  You grab another one and do not go back to the other and refill it, you just move on to the next one.  Well after a certain amount of time, you have 12 meters alright; and 10 are incomplete.


So a word to the wise, every now and again go through the house, the car, the school and locate all meters and check to make sure they are stocked with supplies and that the supplies are not passed the expiration dates (Yeah, I found that too).  We check batteries in fire alarms in our homes, when we move the clocks ahead and back twice a year, it might also be a good time to check diabetes supplies as well.

It may be that you need these supplies at a time that you may not have the luxury to ‘look around’ for what you need.  I learned my lesson and I hope it may help you as well.

I am a diabetes dad.

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