A DiabetesDad Bad Day PART II :) A Thank YOU!!!!!

Smile faces happyWOW.

That is my reaction.  Just WOW.

I share many things on this page.  Yesterday, in the morning, I was not having a good day.  As I went through what I was feeling, I realized that it’s on a rare occasion that I share the bad times.  They DO NOT happen often but I would be lying if I said they did not…….they do.  I’m human.  I have them, you have them.  Two kids with T1 sucks; heck one kid with T1 sucks, and I would be hard pressed to think anything other than that those with 3 or more, it sucks even more.

So I decided to share what I was feeling.  It’s always my goal to try to help just one person realize that what we go through day-in and day-out is………okay.  We are in this together until a cure is found.  And as many know, I believe with all my heart and soul that IT WILL be found.

When one writes, it’s like being in any communications media; we really have no idea who we reach or if what we say resonates to many; or even to one.  I speak what I feel, I have pissed people off, I have had companies ‘un-invite me’ to conferences because I did not kiss-up to them, my passions have annoyed some, but it is the positive feedback I receive on a day-to-day basis that keeps me coming to this keyboard.  Those messages ‘trump’ everything else I do.

When a mom writes that she read an article and it gave her the strength to get through another day, that blows my mind.  When a dad writes that he feels he is not alone after reading something I wrote, well that literally drives me to my knees.  What happened yesterday…..all day long…….humbled me beyond measure.

I did not receive hundreds of messages yesterday, I received thousands.  Messages, emails, FB messages——I was absolutely dumbfounded.  Shutting my mouth?; well that’s not so easy.  Yesterday was a ‘mouth-shutter’ for me.  When I shared the moment I had that overwhelmed me, it was just to show that in as positive a light in which I try to live, it does get tough from time to time.  We all have those moments and it’s okay.   Well, you responded.

All day long people shared their thoughts.  I received messages, I received many ‘virtual hugs’ from the UK, France, Scotland, Ireland, Peru, many more countries and from across the United States.  I’m truly humbled.  I am.

So today is just to say thank you for caring so much to take the time to write yesterday.  You all have so much on your plates, to take the time to write a message and/or call, well that means much to me.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am okay, will be okay, and am back to doing what I try to do everyday.  Kicking diabetes’ ass.   Thanks for helping me on the one day I needed it.

In it to end it.

Much love always.

I am a diabetes dad.

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So as it turns out yesterday was the day we were there to help you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. I am also the one in our household who also is always trying to hold it together and stay strong for my family. We all know it gets extremely crazy w/ a family trying to deal w/ T1D, and sometimes certain things just uncontrollably hit the fan. That’s why we all need to stick together, because we never know when it will be our day that we need help from others.

Thanks for sharing with all of us! We are united! We are a team, us parents and children, who live with and deal with type 1!

You are there for us every day (I start my morning by reading your blog) so I am really happy to hear that everyone was there for you.
I am so glad you are in better spirits today. You prove the point that I always say and that is that we need to be allowed to have a bad day…a sad day…because it always brings a stronger tomorrow. And our kids need us to be strong. So when I feel a meltdown coming on because something has triggered it (like your move/shelf story) or nothing at all brought it on, I go embrace it and cry…and weep and mourn…and then then the next day I am built up even stronger. It isn’t a weakness and it doesn’t mean Diabetes wins…it just means you need your moment to “feel it.”
I know Canada isn’t that far…but I am sending you a huge hug from here <<<<>>>>

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