Hugs bearWhether ‘virtual’ or being right next to someone and receiving it, there is truly nothing like a hug.

Hugs are the perfect way to soothe an aching heart or allow someone to know just how much you care about them at a given moment.  If you have not seen someone in a long time, meeting them with a hug just says so much doesn’t it?

Some people are very wary of hugs, almost like you are invading their space.  I feel very sorry for people who do not like hugs because I surely like to give them.  I like receiving them too.   There are different types of hugs.

“Hi Hug”. This is the hug when you meet someone who you like and you know you are just very happy to see them. “Happy Hug” is used when you are together and (for example) your team scores a touchdown in a championship game–a shared experience. “Hurt Hug” is used when you visit someone at the loss of a loved one (for example).  That warm feeling that makes you want to help take away the pain of a loved one.  It is also used on hearing bad news and someone wants to know that they will help you ‘through this’ whatever ‘this’ may be. <<>> or “Virtual Hug’ I want to be with you but I am only seeing this on FB and live nowhere near you so please accept that I would be hugging you if I were with you. “Cute Hug” is the ones we give our pets.  Hugging an animal when all else cannot be done, is a great substitute for an immediate hug. “Group Hug” is the collection of many people who hug together—-every family needs to experience a group hug more often than not.

When do you hug?  Let us know.

So there are many ways to be hugged, and many reasons why one should be hugged.  The bigger the hug (commonly called a bear hug) the better someone will feel……so give someone a hug today, even a virtual one—-you will both feel better.

I am a diabetes dad.

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