TV’s Big Bang Boo-Boo——Bad!!!!!!

Big BangPENNY:……well as a waitress, sales was a big part of my job……and believe me I convinced a lot of very large customers who should not be eating cheese cake to have more cheese cake….and…. (giggle)…… one of those ‘chubbsters’ had an insulin pump.
Man: I have an insulin pump…….

To be clear, I’m a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory.  A funny television show.  That said, I have always found it very hard to understand why ‘any disease’ is fair game for humor and seems like it might be made funny in TV Land?  I admit, that I’m a tad sensitive when it comes to diabetes; specifically type 1 diabetes.

In either case, if I choose to find some levity amongst those who commiserate in this battle, that is our choice.  It used to really bother me when people, who do not understand, feel like they have free license to poke fun at it.  They don’t.

Years ago, David Spade did so on Saturday Night Live and I wrote him to tell him that it was not funny, and especially in kids.  He actually called me to apologize. That was impressive of him to do.

I’m not going to write to the producers, nor make a big deal out of it/this; and that bothers me a little too.  Have I seen it happen just so many times that I know there are bigger battles to spend my energy and not really pay attention to miniscule comments by ignorant others?  Have I turned a cold shoulder to these comments? Am I picking my battles?


But I firmly believe, and I will never get over the fact, that you will never see a ‘cancer’ joke in a sitcom….and with that in mind, what makes one think that any disease is ‘okay’?

It isn’t.

The use of such humor just perpetuates the notion that diabetes is caused by being overweight, not necessarily so; and although there are T2s using an insulin pump, the common belief is that it is worn in majority by those with T1—-so the reference in this episode is just wrong on so many fronts.  We know all the angles of ‘bad education’ this clip included…..and also—-It. Is. Just. Not. Funny.

My thought is always the same when I see this type of humor……many sat around the table, wrote it, rehearsed it, reviewed it, filmed it, showed it and no one, NO ONE said…..”can’t we find something else beside a disease-state reference for the ‘joke line’?”  “This MUST be offensive to others, surely we can do better”.   If it were a racial joke…..the rafters would shake, that is for sure.  Did anyone even consider this was poor taste, poor education, and just…..well poor everything?

No one.

And THAT is probably the most disturbing.  The biggest comfort is the reaction by the audience which was clearly mixed as the joke was stated.  It’s not funny to me.  It’s not funny to others.  With all the talent, Emmy Awards, and genius behind something like the Big Bang Theory one would think they could do better.

And they should…..and so should others.

I am a diabetes dad.

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I had the same reaction when I watched that episode. That “joke” was poorly crafted, misinformed, and downright hurtful to those suffering from this horrible disease. Maybe you can start a hashtag and we all can tweet at Chuck Lorre how awful we thought it was.

So – I have a slightly different take on it. In all honesty, I was ready to jump on a “Ban Big Bang” bandwagon – based on your comments, for the sake of my T1 husband and T1 daughter. Then I saw the episode. When the character Penny makes the tasteless joke, and the other character responds, “I have an insulin pump,” I felt as if his response demonstrated how awful her comment was – that awkward moment spoke to the faux pas she made. I thought it was great! Perhaps viewers were educated a little – it’s the bumbling idiot that makes the joke about diabetes – and, unless you want to be the one holding the awkward-moment award – don’t do it. Maybe wishful thinking on my part . . .

I agree with you and many have stated the same point. I just was not ‘so ready’ to give them a ‘bye’ because I am sure it was not a stupid statement-comeback statement situation. It was funny that he stated what he did and she certainly was made to feel stupid—that, granted, was good. Thanks for writing.

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