Important Addition to Your Diabetes Toolbox…….Use It!!!!!!

Diabetes Tool BoxThere is something that needs to be in your diabetes tool box…..well…’s actually a phrase of just two words.  These two words are crucial in so many different ways.


Never assume that if you give something, send something, leave something, or email something that it is ‘a given’ that it will be taken care of.  This is especially true when dealing with anything at schools.  You child is not the only student, and it is easy for confusion to make whatever you sent to be placed somewhere that cannot be found when needed.

Always leave time for THAT follow-up call or communication to confirm what you have done has been received and was forwarded to the correct person to remedy the situation you outlined.

I cannot tell you how many times  have heard of someone who was frustrated when the time came for something to occur and it did not happen.
“I don’t understand, I sent it to them.”
“Did you confirm with a follow-up call?”
“Did I need to?”

This conversation is too common and this simple step can save you a lot of headache. So the next time you take the time to do ‘all of that work” and get it to the right parties, whatever it is; make sure you follow-up.

The follow-up itself is as important as all of the medications and/or instructions and/or devices and/or people already in your diabetes tool box; but this most powerful entry is also the lightest…….use it, and often.

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