Parents: Learn the Word YES!

YesThere are many of us who live by a phrase, or a philosophy, that we have used for some time.  It’s from those of us who have been around the block a few times dealing with diabetes.  A mom wrote that she wanted her child to do something but she was afraid because they now had diabetes.  She wanted and sought input from others.

I remember when Kaitlyn was thinking about running cross-country for her school’s track team.  Like the 40 yard dash wasn’t enough, right?  Cross country; REALLY?  But I thought of something I learned many years ago, and it’s by no means my saying, and it’s used by many of us; If they did not have diabetes, would we allow them to do XYZ, whatever XYZ represented?

If the answer was yes, well we would have to find a way to make it work.  My dear friend Moira McCarthy Stanford was one of the first ones who chimed in to help this mom and she shared this same philosophy on a FB page recently; it reminded me of all the times we also had used it; and acted upon it.

Now, to be clear, this could come with a great deal of work.  It’s not just as simple as saying, “…okay….go.”   But when the time came, we knew that we had to do whatever it was to make them achieve what they wanted.  Diabetes was not going to be a reason for us to say ‘no’.

Now before some start telling me that their child will not fly jet planes for the military with diabetes, please understand in the spirit I mean this discussion.  I can honestly say that there was not one thing we stopped Kaitlyn or Rob from doing after they were diagnosed, because they were diagnosed.  Work?  You bet’cha, but worth every minute invested.

Will you become nervous? Of course you will.  But those little steps will be followed with great strides.  Give them everything they need to succeed at whatever they want to do.  Let them do the things they want to do.  Anyone can be told, “no”.  But imagine how great you will all feel when you let them ‘fly to the heights’ they want…….even if, on this occasion, that means to sleep over someone’s house for the first time.  Thanks Moira for the recent reminder and it’s advice worthy of shouting from the highest mountain.

Give your child a world of ‘yes’……….try it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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