Time to Tell Your Kids with Diabetes…………………..

Clock appleI know.  They don’t listen.  They do what they want.  If they did what you asked, you would have less arguments.  Why don’t they try harder at their daily management?  Any, or all, of these should sound very familiar….and I am sure they do.

Today, I would like you to step away from all the things that your children do not do dealing with their diabetes and realize how much they actually do…….and I do not even mean as far as their daily management.

Follow them today.  Follow their worlds and what they do.  Follow them to the playing field or gym, to the mall, to their little world within their homes, to work, to school, to wherever they go and whatever they do……..just follow them.  Watch them.  Look at them.

Realize how wonderful they are because I certainly cannot answer for you but I surely can answer for me; I couldn’t do it.  I have looked up to some people in my life and very few of them I would consider a hero.

Our kids with diabetes are heroes.

Now in fair disclosure, all my kids are heroes; and I hope all of yours are too.  But as I watch my kids and what they deal with diabetes, helping others with their diabetes, and living life to everything it has to offer;……………….well I’m mystified.

Perfect?  Nope.

But for one day (feel free to do more) not only notice them; but say to them how you feel.  How much ‘wonderful’ you think they are as they go through life with this insidious disease.  They are heroes and many times the people who should realize how wonderful they are, don’t, because they are out doing everything else.

So let them know, today.  It will also make you feel pretty good too.

I am a diabetes dad.

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