Don’t Wait for the “IDEA” Bulb to Fall on Your Head………Grab it!!!!!!

ideaNo one starts out by saying; “Wow, this could change the world.”  Usually, anyway.  They start out by seeing something and saying that a particular ‘something’ is just not right…….and they go about trying to correct it.

Something small.  Something personal.

If it’s unacceptable to you that your child has to ‘go through’ so much dealing with diabetes; what are you doing to make it easier?  If you are looking for an answer from me, I don’t have one……..and probably; no one else has one for you either.

Oh sure people can give you ideas but the decision is yours to make.  Now this may not seem like a big deal to you, but I’m under the belief that the way to begin something, is to ask yourself, “Where do I begin?”

Who better to start with, than your own child.  Look for just one thing that may make their life easier and learn what it will take.  And work toward that goal.

As I have stated many times, that my foremost goal for my kids is to find a cure.  In as much as we all want a cure, I’m sure, it became my obsession.  I started out searching, looking, asking questions.  In the beginning I never, ever-in-a-million years, thought I would end up combining my career and my passion.  Too long to go through every step here but to say, it evolved.  I started with one thing and when a door opened I walked through.

Funny thing about a journey, it’s a series of door openings that you either walk through or don’t; in our journey every single door seemed like an opportunity to advance my desire further so through I went.  I remember sitting with the famous Dr. Collins of the famous Genome Project and actually saying to myself; “WHY ON EARTH am I sitting across from this man having lunch?”  I have no right to be here.  But I was.

My point is this; no one starts a journey KNOWING what will happen.  You begin a journey with a desire.  Whatever that desire is, it is all yours to seek.  As you begin the journey, you might switch to something that pulls you toward a different path, or you might even add things to your plate during your journey.  But forward you go.

You can surely choose to live life with what life gives you and that is your call.  You can take it as it comes.  You can also decide that what life gave you needs more attention than just ‘letting things happen as they happen’.  When you make THAT decision, you will change the very thing you sought out to change………..and you WILL CHANGE the world.  Even if it is just for that one person, a world being changed is a huge accomplishment.

The world has many things that need our attention and quite honestly, if we in the diabetes community are not the ones to seek changes, whatever they may be; well who do we think WILL do it, if not us?

Start.  One idea.  Act on it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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