Where Do You Have “Back-ups” to Your “Back-ups'” Back-up”?

Diabetes supplies pileI am not a firm believer in over-kill.  Not just in diabetes, but in anything.  That said, I am a firm believer in ‘back-up’.  It’s well- known that you need to have back-up diabetes supply in your car.  But does your spouse have a back-up supply and if your child is dating, does their boy/girl friend have a back-up supply in their car.

We all know that there are back-up supplies all over the house, but is there a back-up at you child’s best friend’s house?  How about Grandma’s house?  Now I know this can get a bit costly but you need to make sure that your child not only has what they need, but so also does anyone else where your child spends a good deal of time.

It’s your call on who and where the supplies need to be, but, just make sure you have asked yourself this question and have answered it to the point you feel comfortable.  We had supplies with people and our child never even knew.  That’s fine also.

So today I have a question for you……..where did you wish you had an extra supply of diabetes ‘stuff’ that you didn’t when you needed it?  Share here by replying; it may give an idea to someone else.

Again, not overkill, but something you do everyday may be a brand new idea for someone else,……so share your secrets.

I am a diabetes dad.

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2 replies on “Where Do You Have “Back-ups” to Your “Back-ups'” Back-up”?”

Fortunately, we have had extras on hand or made do until we could get to them. Another question is “what if there is natural disaster that destroys your home?” Not long ago we took a box of all needed supplies to a nearby (but not too nearby) relative. Hopefully, we’ll never need them!

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